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The Exclusive Services Group are a privately-owned company which was founded in 1976 by the late David Evans MP of Hatfield & Welwyn. Since then we have evolved into a national supplier of cleaning services within Leisure & Media, Commercial Buildings, Retail and Logistics, Healthcare, Research establishments, Industrial Warehousing, & Education.

Whilst we have grown significantly, we have still retained our ‘family’ heritage and people focused culture which we feel gives us a great advantage with building relationships, autonomy in decision making and developing strengths.

History, Values, Aims
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Our History

We are eminently proud to say that in 1960, our founder, David Evans borrowed just £500 to launch his fledgling office cleaning company. From the very outset his winning formula was to build a company on the ethos of delivering an exclusive yet affordable and irresistible service and to build long standing relationships based on knowledge and trust. To this day, Exclusive guards and maintains that founding principle of designing and providing services to fit in exclusively with each client’s needs and David’s original desires, whatever the size or nature of their business.

Fifty years on Exclusive retains all the advantages of a small, nimble business but with eyes set firmly on current and future developments and innovations. Our ethos is to grow and expand by measured progress and firmly maintained corporate standards and values.

“To inspire and drive efficiency innovation and trust in professional hygiene services.”



Exclusive will deliver service excellence in a manner which adds value to our clients, our team and our reputation.

We will make a difference to our customers and community in an efficient and transparent manner that engender trust and growth.

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