Our Responsibilities

We have a care for our people and for improving the sustainability of our environment.

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Community & Charity

Sustainability & Environment

Health & Welfare

British Lung Foundation

What is Pulmonary Lung Fibrosis (PLF)? It is a scarring of the lungs. It kills 190,000 people in the UK and is rising every year, killing 5 Million people worldwide. This disease has no cause and more alarmingly, no cure. Lung Fibrosis is extremely debilitating as the oxygen levels drop immediately after any physical task is undertaken. As healthy individuals, we have blood oxygen levels at close to 100%, whereas someone with Lung Fibrosis will be down to 60%. Doctors and Professors have been getting increasingly concerned with trying to find both the cause and a cure as this is now a major health issue. Exclusive Contract Services has become a partner of the British Lung Foundation to raise funds for research into PLF. We will honour the memory of our founder and avidly support and raise money for the British Lung Foundation, to forward research and to give sufferers a better chance. In 2013 Amanda Evans, our Business Development Director and daughter of our founder ran the London Marathon raising several thousands of pounds on behalf of the British Lung Foundation.

China Challenge

In our first team endeavour we have completed the China Challenge. A team from Exclusive along with client colleagues travelled to Beijing, China to complete a triple challenge which consisted of 2 Half Marathons, 155km Cycle ride and 2 days of trekking in and around the Great Wall of China. The team returned from China extremely victorious; not only did they complete the challenge they also raised a fantastic £71,521 for The British Lung Foundation.

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We are actively working toward our 10 Pledges

  • To operate and continuously plan our business in a manner that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of people and their surrounding environment.
  • To guarantee compliance with environmental legislation and regulations and apply best practice and beneficial innovations where legislation does not exist. 14001 – ON Target
  • To integrate environmental issues into our policy and decision making, recognising that business concerns might affect the course of action.
  • To minimise our environmental impact, control our waste, prevent pollution and use resources efficiently in keeping with our concern for the natural environment.
  • To continually look for ways to improve our business and reduce our environmental impact both internally and externally with via our inhouse continuous improvement teams.
  • To educate and train our employees in environmental awareness in keeping with our Environmental Management System.
  • To set and strive to achieve our environmental objectives and targets which are reviewed annually and to create a framework for continual environmental improvement.
  • We will reduce our carbon emissions by 10%
  • We will increase our office recycling to 90% - On Target
  • We will target improved productivity for Exclusive and our clients by a 5% minimum – Via our Smarter working project team.
  • The packaging of all products that we use will be reduced by 50% - On Target
  • We will through robust management & innovation reduce water usage by 10% - On going

Health, Safety & Welfare

We invest in the health, safety and welfare of our community, we know they are key to our success. We achieve this by having full inclusion of our operational teams in all health and safety matters. We listen to what works in practice and ensure that what we say we do, we do. Health and safety is not just about paperwork and check lists, it’s about doing the job in the best, safest way possible to minimise risk to us and our partners. All our operatives are actively encouraged to speak directly to our Group Health & Safety Manger should they have any pressing concern meaning that we always have real-time knowledge of what’s happening at ground level and can react quickly. How we supported our team through the recent Covid19 pandemic: ERT Meeting, Wellbeing and wellness videos, Weekly Quiz

Staff Welfare

We aim to provide consistent safe systems of work across all our contracts for each task, making health and safety less of a chore for our operatives and more intuitive. Any personal adaptions to the job that can be considered to support the welfare of our staff is done so in person. We don’t rely on a one size fits all approach when it comes to supporting our workforce. We fully support the ‘Go home healthy’ national campaign recognising that making staff welfare our priority is the key to a happy, productive team.